Southern’s Finest

Okay, maybe the subject is a bit off. I’m not a southern girl at all. Like not even a little. I’ve been to Alabama a few times and it was a culture shock but! Oh. My. Dotheyhave seafood.

I am a Chinese girl that was born and raised in California. I love to knit, crochet, sew and cook. I love many things (or I think I do) but those are four hobbies I can be sure about. I am a web developer by day and a more imaginative person at night. I’m more into teaching myself something rather than take a class and learn it. It’s the way I learn best.

So why do I put in the subject line, “Southern’s Finest”? Well, I am going to be cooking out of the Southern Living cookbook for the next … while. It’s a hefty book (but oh do they cram the most beautiful photos). My roommate said offhandedly last week that I was a great cook. I was shocked because most of my food? Spiced with the same stuff. And perhaps the combination of spices were good but!

It’s time to expand my horizons and teach myself really how to cook. Learn new things.

So if you want to follow along and get the recipes, you can pick up the cookbook here on Amazon (non-affiliate). Out of respect to Southern Living, I won’t be posting full on recipes here. I’d probably go to jail for copyright infringement because while I think I’m smart, I’m not smart enough to get away with that.